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    I think this product is INGENIOUS!!

    Kelly, it made me think of you because I know you often perch on an exercise ball while doing home school. ;)

    So far I don't have a kiddo who seems to need this, but I'm certainly keeping it in the back of my mind for the future. The idea of having a free-standing adult one is really cool, too. I think all of us could use a little leg break while we're sitting at a desk job.
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    My daughter uses a seat pad thing that's like a mini Bosu ball with little nubs of rubber on it-let's her move around and gives her the deep tissue massage that helps center/ground her. But I like the idea of the band, too!

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    So neat! This would be great for Lily!

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    I just ordered a couple. I'm hoping it will keep my kids in their seats at the table, but also I'm wondering if it works I might ask about bringing one to school for my older son, who was diagnosed with ADHD this summer.

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    I do like the idea overall my one and only concern is if other students who don't have ADD/ADHD would feel left out. I think they would be great for all students to get a little leg exercise in.
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    I definitely feel like our current school model doesn't allow for enough physical activity and believe that all students would benefit from being able to bounce their feet throughout the day.

    I really wish they'd add in several more 15 minute recess breaks throughout the day.

    Anyone take any kind of training classes via work? I know for our our Customer Service training they take SEVERAL 10 and 15 minute breaks throughout the day in order to allow for information to be processed. I just don't get why we've done away with this for kids.
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    Oh wow, I love it! That is a fantastic idea!! The table the kids and I do school at would actually accommodate that !!!
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