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    Seems my ex called cps (children protection services) on me I haven't stopped crying since I found the letter and card in my mailbox. There isnt anything i can do until Monday morning so im stuck all weekend freaking out.

    I'll admit my house isnt "toothbrush" clean but I do my best.
    She has more then enough food.
    Shes healthy aside from an eczema rash on her wrist but I have paperwork from pediatrician visit

    So what should i expect to happen? I cant lose my princess i feel so sick over this.

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    *big huge hugs*
    I think you will be just fine. I hope that cps knows that when it comes to exes calling, there is a definite chance of malicious intent, rather than true neglect/abuse.
    I'm really sorry you are going through this.

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    My mother did this very thing out of spite to me last summer 2013 I PM'ed you with how everything went and they closed the case really quickly and it was false. I know its scary but, even though it sucks it the thing is they are required to investigate unless your ex made it very obvious it was spiteful and did not have specifics for them to look for.
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    Just be yourself, be honest and open. CPS is NOT out to take kids away from good parents, they have more than enough kids that they have to take from bad parents, but when there is a complaint they must check it they should. You should have no trouble. KUP.

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    I worked for A form of cps during my undergrad, a non profit called deferential response. We were a contract through cps to help with case loads. Anyway, it doesn't matter who calls, they have to do a visit. No one expects a perfect house, that's unrealistic....just safe conditions. How old is your daughter? They may request to speak with her alone depending on age (just giving a heads up I don't want you to feel like you are being singled's a requirement. They will probably check her arms, legs, belly and back for markings (normal kid playing markings are OKAY! Don't be freaked out if she has a scrape on the knee or elbow!!!) and big big hugs for you momma. I always hated doing this to good families...good moms or dads who had no clue what was going on or why we had been called. (Yes, Moms do spiteful things too to gain more custody time and hence more child support). Please keep us posted! Thinking of you!
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    Thanks ladies fot your help. Im trying hard to put this in the back of my mind for now. Im so nervous having someone I dont know over to my home, Im socially awkward, but I have to do this for my babies.

    Brittany_Dawn my daughter is 2.

    Thanks again ladies. I'll let you know how it goes.

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