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    I had my appointment with the allergist went well.
    They asked me a bunch of questions in regards to my issues, and in total the appointment took close to an hour.
    They did a quick lung function test, basically they had me do a kind of incentive spirometer, where I sucked in as much air as I could into this machine, then repeated it ten minuets later after using an inhaler.
    The test came back a bit wonky, but that was to be expected because of me being pregnant, but it does not appear that my issue is asthma related. I was going to have an allergy testing done, but I have to go back in next week for that because I have been taking my Zyrtec for the past several days, and it needs to be out of my system at least 3 days before they can test, so that is scheduled for Tuesday.
    He started me on Flovent twice a day until he sees me on Tuesday to see if it helps with my coughing, it is a pregnancy category C drug, but I am to the point where my entire side aches from I guess I will see if it works.
    They didn't say much about the black mold and icky stuff that I have been exposed to, but they don't seem too worried about it, so I am gonna just not worry.

    Hopefully next Tuesday will bring up some more results, and hopefully I can keep this cough under control!
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    Good luck and I hope you get some answers soon.

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    I hope the Flovent helps with the coughing and you get some answers with the allergy testing .

    I totally understand the risks/benefits with the category C meds, it's frustrating for sure , but with the degree of coughing you're experiencing I agree it's definitely worth a try .
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