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Thread: GD and blood results back

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    Default GD and blood results back

    My sugar looks good but I'm anemic.

    I've struggled with anemia on and off for forever, and I think I tested slightly so with DD1, but not enough to warrant a script for iron, as I recall. Which I had to pick up today. Ugh.

    My only complaints this whole pregnancy have really just been GI issues. Every time I go in I complain about the same things, and OB has recommended zantac, colace, metamucil, etc. I've tried all with limited success. And now I've got to take iron which I hate doing because it always causes additional GI distress for me. Ugh. I'm over the tummy troubles, ladies.

    The one alternative thing I tried was papaya enzyme,and OMG I will never do that again. The bloating and cramping I had from that was horrible!

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    great news on the GD testing!!!!!!

    I'm sorry you're struggling with anemia ...that is a tough one, especially since you're already experiencing GI issues . Thinking of you and praying things don't become compounded from the supps !

    Have you tried miralax or colace?
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    I hear ya on the GI issues, this pregnancy has been particularly tough for me in that regard as well.

    Been fighting with it, big time, while away from home this week!
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    Papaya Enz can be rough. I take it occasionally to help digestion when I'm not pregnant. I tend to stay constipated even when non-pregnant. I have a disk that is just slightly off in my lower back that puts just enough pressure on the area that effect my digestion and it slows down. If I regularly visit a chiro and keep that area in line I have regular daily bowl movements and feel so much better. It helps in pregnancy too. I feel so much better in the GI department when I stay regularly in line.


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    My digestion has been off all week and I think it's likely due to being out of alignment and needing a massage. Though my issue is, and has always been, thoracic. I hope that fixes me up. I'm going to see the Chiro as soon as I get home tomorrow and then get a massage tomorrow night!
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    Ahhh massage....I'm going for one soon too. Around the 36 week mark. I'm hoping it will help with fluid retention around that time....and back pain...

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