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Thread: Am I pregnant?

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    I am having a very light almost non-existent period. My last period started on July 11th. I tested on Friday, Saturday & Sunday all negative. I wonder what is going on? I HAVE NEVER missed a cycle. The only time I missed a cycle was when I pregnant (2 children) I had no blood at all with my other 2 pregnancies. What do you all think? I should have tested + by Sunday if I am prego right? The little trace of blood started on Saturday night when I wiped. Had a little yesterday enough to make one tiny spot (once) on a pad. Today it is only when I use the RR that I have a very light almost non-existent trace of it none on panties today. Looking for ideas here anyone else have this happen to them. I am kind of cramping today like I could start but I feel like I should have started by now you know....

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    The result should be accurate by now yes, it could be you are only a few days late. I have been a few days late without being pregnant.
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    Hmmm I'd give it 2 more days and test again if you still haven't gotten full flow. I hope you have an answer soon! !!!!

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