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    I had my period July 4th lasted for 6 days,as my normal periods due.My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the 21st,he came inside me twice.9 days later,i noticed that night that i had some light pink when i wiped.Went to bed,the next day everytime i would wipe i saw this light pink on the toilet paper.The following two days i had some medium flow,enough to use a tampon.Followed by more light pink.Ive never had 2 periods in one month.I have been experiencing nausea whenever i wake up,sometimes throughout the day.Light headedess,some headaches.Im more tired then usual.Some foods I cant eat,they arent even appealing to me.Some even make me sick to my stomach,mostly meat.I tested twice got negative test results.Could it be too early,can i be pregnant?

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    By now you should have a positive pregnancy test if you are indeed pregnant

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    I agree with Sara.
    Laura (33) DH (37) x 4

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