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    Hey ladies! Im new on here and i'd quite like some views on what im going through... so im ttc.. and have been since the 14th of aug! My fertile window was 23rd-27th and on the 28th and 29th i had pink cm! So i read some forums and it said it could be implantation bleeding? But i thought this may be to early?? So anyway i had mild cramping and on the 30th 31st and this morning i had very light red streaky cm! Alot when wipe but not enough for pad or otherwise! (Tmi sorry) ... and now it has completley vanished? But ive been having headaches... and i felt sick for 5 ish minutes and as soon as that passed i was hungry?? Water and any liquid is passing through very fast! Constant toilet visits! I havnt yet taken a test and wont till thursday next.... my af isnt due for another week! Is this happening to anyone else?
    Thankyou in advance ... sorry for the rant
    Just want that BFP :/

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    This sounds like what i experienced two weeks ago. I Oed 4 days early 8/17 and about a week later I had headaches and lose stool for 3 days, not spotting but cramps galore along with nausea. I got my bfp this morning so I hope it is the same for you! fingers crossed.


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    Sounds possible. And I am in the same boat. I am actually 3 days late but DH doesn't want me to test yet. Waiting til Saturday or Sunday to test. Have also been queasy in the stomach from when I get up til about 1-2 in the afternoon and peeing more often. Fingers crossed!

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