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    For those of you that have taken Metformin, when did you normally take it? I am up to my full dose now (1500 mg) and I usually take it during lunch. But it upsets my stomach the rest of the day.
    Should I maybe switch it for at dinner time?
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    Its been awhile since ive taken metformin but id suggest taking it at dinner, imo, i always made sure i had more protein at dinner time too and i rarely woke up feeling sick. Goodluck on your journey i hope its short and sweet.

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    I take it at dinner. When I went back on it I tried at lunch but it made me really nauseous and I got a big headache. I don't have any problems when I take it at dinner.
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    I hate the stuff, but when I've taken it I believe I split it up throughout the day ... it's horrible on my digestive system and either I split it all up, or I took it all at night.

    I came across a great endocrinologist who told me that BIG diet and exercise changes would do 3 to 4 times MORE than the Metformin would. I started eating like a diabetic and added 30 minutes of exercise 5 times (at least) a week and lost 40lbs and got pregnant with DS1. I had no issues getting pregnant with DS2. I had a m/c pregnancy between DS2 and DS3 and getting pregnant with DS3 took the longest (except for those 5 years before DS1, but those weren't 5 years of hard core TTC) and I agreed to take Metformin again and hated it just as much as I had before. I stopped taking it probably a month before I got pregnant with DS3. So I can't really say that it helped or didn't help. I didn't lose any weight and my cycles didn't change ... I ovulated CD26 with DS3's pregnancy.

    Good luck on your journey!

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    I used to take it three times a day -- breakfast, dinner and bedtime... 500mg per dose. It was still brutal on the digestive system but spreading it out worked wonders.

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