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Thread: Am I pregnant?!

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    Okay.. For the past threw weeks i have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms! I already have an 11 month old. My periods have always been regular, and i am supposed to get it Aug. 3. I been having breast tenderness, constipation, very bloated and gassy. I've been eating like a pig!!! But my mom, and father in law asks me if.i was pregnant in the same day. SO WEIRD! Lol. I just want to know if anyone else experienced this. Oh.. And a sore throat like Im gonna get sick... I had that with my last pregnancy.

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    Most of your symptoms could be pregnancy related but it also could be caused by progesterone after ovulation. Unfortunately testing is the only way to know for sure. You could possible get a + result on a first response test but its early yet so no guarantee. Good luck.

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    Its been going.on since ovulation. I read some more into it, and it said i should be able to test next week. So hopefully i will get my answer. Thank you!

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