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    Default normal or not

    dd just had a major speech explosion. she is using words all the time now. but when she puts words together she pauses between them...
    example she will say poopy head, "poopy" pause "hen"
    she does this with several of the 3-4 word sentences she says too. so is it normal? will she grow out of it as she gets better at talking?
    another example 'daddy' pause 'read' pause 'to me'

    the pauses are short, not even long enough to draw a full breath...

    if its not normal how do i fix it? if it is normal how do i help her stop doing it since its strange and not how most people talk.

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    Some kids do this for a little while at first. Keep an eye on it, but don't worry about it.
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    That's normal, and it's good, she's thinking as she goes instead of just blurting or slurring words out.
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    I think it is very normal at this age. If it continues for months on end, then I would check it out.
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    i will keep an eye on it, thanks ladies!

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    My daughter did it for awhile too, like she had to think about the word before saying it, later she added "umm,umm, ummm" I dont remember when it stipped, but she will be 3 the end of september and doesn't do either now.

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    Maybe this language explosion is what has been keeping her awake!! that she starts sleeping again now that the words are pouring out!
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    My daughter does this, too. It sounds like every word is its own sentence, and most the time each word sounds excited or very emphasized. She runs around saying things like "Lily! Took! Mine! Drink!!!" or "Kitty! Is! Hiding, Mommy!"
    But she is starting to say phrases that are more blended, such as "Whats that, Mommy?" and "Where did Daddy go?"

    My daughter had a language explosion shortly after she turned 2. She comprehended a large vocabulary, but it just seemed to all start coming out one day. I agree with Jessie that she is thinking about each word as she says it. I can hear my daughter thinking about how to say new words and about how to put words together in the right order for sentences. Obviously I haven't heard your daughter speak, but if she is anything like mine I think she is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khadijavye View Post
    Maybe this language explosion is what has been keeping her awake!! that she starts sleeping again now that the words are pouring out!
    haha YES! she started talking words nonstop and went back to sttn!!!!! she continues to sleep thru the night!

    but now ds has been walking in his sleep and waking up crying because he does not know where he is... i doubt i will ever get back to sleeping good.... lol

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