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    Talking Long time no post :)

    Hey folks,
    Been awhile since I posted. I just wanted to give a quick update where DH and I are with TTC efforts. My cycles were pretty irregular, and my mood swings had come back in force, and I'm also starting a new job. I just graduated with my bachelors degree in health administration. My new job is at nights as a specimen accessioner in a lab. I decided to get on a medication called Latuda after consulting with my psychiatrist. So far it is working great. It took about a week and going through a few days of strange moods before it really kicked in, but now it's working great for me. I'm also back on birth control for the next few months to regulate my cycles and around November I'll probably get off of them again so we can resume ttc efforts and hopefully I'll ovulate and get pregnant . Going to focus on weight loss the next few Months and I'll keep you guys posted. Hope everyone is well and to those I haven't met yet, welcome and you've come to a good place with many supportive ladies.

    Warm regards,
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    Hey lady! It has been a while!

    Sounds like things are going in a good direction!
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    Sounds like you have been very busy.I'm glad the medicine has helped your mood and that you'll be back ttc in Nov. It will be here before you know it.

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    Hi! Glad to see you here again! Take it step by step and I'm sure you'll be where you want to be very soon - November isn't that far away!

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    Hello Glad the new meds are working for you!!! Best of luck
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