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Thread: How is everyone doing?

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    Default How is everyone doing?

    It's been quiet in here so just thought I'd check and see how everyone's doing!

    I'm doing alright. Been miserably tired! Napping pretty much everyday. But then of course I wake up to pee in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep! Queeziness is pretty constant throughout the day...but still no vomiting. I am about 8 1/2 hoping this goes away soon.
    Also every other week or so I feel cramping as my uterus goes through a growth spurt. And I notice every time this happens, I get a tinge of brownish in my CM. Drives me crazy. But so far it's all been normal I guess.

    What about you?

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    I am exhausted ALL THE TIME!! I have queasiness consistently through the day although it is worse at night. At night I usually feel like I have been run over. My BBs are horribly sore especially at night, when I move while sleeping the pain will wake me up. I am very irritable, poor DH I snap at him the most. I have light cramping every day or so but no blood or brown CM. I can't wait until 8/7 to see how everything looks!! I am a little over 6 weeks!!


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    My tiredness and nausea have both lessened now that I am in the second trimester, although they still hit me from time to time. Baby is doing well and I got to hear his heartbeat again yesterday at my regular appointment
    I sometimes get cramping too. The nurse said it is likely due to dehydration and to drink 14-16oz of water every hour until it stops. At that rate, how will I ever leave the bathroom? I try my best
    I have been trying to post a belly pic but keep getting errors. Hopefully I will get one up there soon!
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    I am a little over 6 weeks. The nausea has been horrible. Ginger root capsules have really helped! Its especially bad if I don't eat and morning/night. My boobs hurt, especially at night. I am extremely irritable and stressed out. I have been working nights with no naps during the day and I am exhausted. I haven't had any cramping. My next appt is on 8/8 for another u/s to make sure it's a viable pregnancy. I have been craving salads and tomatoes (I always do in the beginning).
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    Sounds like everyone is deep in the groove of first trimester misery! Blah! Even when you don't feel like eating, make yourself eat. An empty stomach equals a super queasy stomach. Looking forward to all of your appointment updates. So cool there is already a momma in her second trimester in this room too!

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    I'm 6 weeks + 2 days. It's really been sort of hard for me to connect with this pregnancy (yeah, I know it's still so early) but I just don't feel pregnant. I'm irritable and tired, but honestly, that happened some before I was pregnant. My boobs are sometimes sore and I sometimes have tinges of abdominal pain. So, I know I'm having these "symptoms" but nothing is really standing out as totally unusual or severe - which I'm glad about!! But, it does make me not feel like anything has changed yet so I'm having trouble even feeling pregnant. It seems so weird to me to talk about it because it just seems so abstract.
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    That's the worst part of the 1st trimester ... nothing but illness and worry, nothing cool and reassuring like baby movements. My wish for you all is that these weeks FLY by and you're at the exciting part of feeling movement and getting u/s pictures super soon!
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    I'm tired, constantly worrying and over analyzing everything and I WANT OUT OF THIS FREAKING FIRST TRIMESTER and for my next appointment to come NOW not on the 18th

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