I developed mastitis out of the blue yesterday. I had no breast pain, but all of a sudden I had a bad headache followed by full body aches and stiffness. I checked my temp and it was normal, but I decided to look at my breasts in the mirror because I was suspicious and my right breast had a big pie shaped red area. I nursed and pumped immediately, used hot compresses, and massaged but 3 hours later my temp was 101.3 and was shaking with the chills.

I was prescribed keflex but I'm worried how it will effect my baby. I exclusively bf and have considered feeding him stored milk and formula for a week while I'm taking the abx, but I think it would be a huge struggle because he's not used to bottles and it would break my heart. My obgyn assured me it was safe while nursing, but if any of you have any tips or experiences you could share wth me I would appreciate it. Thank you.