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Thread: I am excited for Cody

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    Default I am excited for Cody

    Today he is at his new school which is a Charter School the only Elementary Charter in our city. This place made us feel so welcomed today something that is new for us to be honest with his prior school we didn't feel welcomed just another number KWIM? Another great this is a former classmate from back in High School is his teacher.I didn't know her very well but, I did remember her. I have a good feeling about this school.
    *** Lindsay ***

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    Yay! Nothing better than dropping your kid off in a great environment and feeling positive for the upcoming school year!
    Dorcas (35) DH (36) 3/13

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    Oh, this sounds so great! I am happy for him!
    KEVIN (6) & MATTHEW (4)

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    His first day went well. He enjoyed the playground the most Which it did look like fun.
    *** Lindsay ***

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    Sounds like a wonderful school for him! So glad to hear he had a good first day!

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