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    So we have started potty training my daughter. She has been doing pretty good when I put her on the potty. But the only problem I am having is that she won't tell me she has to go and then when I do get her on the potty, she holds it. I keep trying to tell her to not hold it. But she holds it and then finally after like 5 minutes of being on the potty, she will finally go!

    Any tips on how to combat these things? I am proud of her for going so much today but I am ready for her to be the one to tell me!
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    Wish I had some advice for you. We're trying to potty train my almost-3-year-old grandson (he'll be 3 in three weeks). His teacher at daycare says he's goes on the potty for them with no trouble, but we can't get him to do it here at home. It's very frustrating.
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    DD would not tell me for a very long time, and she would refuse to even go on the potty until after she would have a few drops in her undies. Beyond frustrating! I eventually set the alarm on my phone for every 45 minutes and she knew she had to go sit on the potty each time it went off. I would give her a book and have her sit there for a few minutes because sometimes it wouldn't come right away - and sometimes not at all since we were going so frequently. Eventually we made the time between the alarms longer, and we offered rewards for days when her undies were dry every day. It took a while, but she finally got the hang of it. Hang in there - they all have little minds of their own!

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