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Thread: Joining you ladies!

  1. Default Joining you ladies!

    Hi all -

    I've been a member of the boards for a while and lurk around often, but haven't really posted since the boards changed and the due date rooms were merged and all that. I loved my due date room from my first pregnancy so I'm happy to be joining you all for this one

    A little backstory:

    DH and I have been together for 11 years, married for 5. We have one son, born April 2012, so this is baby #2 for us. We had a heck of a time with the first pregnancy (emergency cerclage at 18 weeks and strict bed rest until he was born at 38 weeks). Hoping for an easier go this time around. My cerclage was necessary because of a shortened cervix due to multiple surgeries in the past for abnormal/pre cancerous cells.

    I'm due March 24 so I'll be 6 weeks tomorrow. First appt is August 19 (9 weeks). I'll know more at that appt but right now it looks like they'll go ahead and refer me to Maternal Fetal Medicine for an ultrasound to check my cervical length and get the surgery scheduled for a preemptive cerclage around 12-13 weeks.

    Excited to share the journey with you ladies!
    - Krystle (31) DH: Jason (34) DS: Isaac 4/22/12

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    Congratulations!! Welcome to the group!! Hope this pregnancy is easier than the last one!!


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    Congrats and Welcome!!

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    Congrats and welcome! Hope this pregnancy is much easier this time around! Keep us posted!

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    Huge congrats!!!!!

    Were you in the April '12 dd room? I was in the March '12 dd room (DS was born on Leap Day) .

    Super excited for you and praying your pg is uneventful !!
    Dh (39) Me (37) 8bio 1adopted, 14 angels

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    Thanks, all!!

    I was actually in the May '12 room - but he ended up being born in April. I figured the whole time he would be born in April because our entire family has birthdays then
    - Krystle (31) DH: Jason (34) DS: Isaac 4/22/12

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    DH (36), Lee (32), Layann (10), Noelle-Harrison (8), Safiyah (4), Stella (1)
    expecting #5
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