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Thread: Could I be pregnant?

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    Default Could I be pregnant?

    Ok never done this before, I am 35 about to be 36, have had 4 pregnancies and 3 live births (1 miscarriage). I had my tubes cut,burned and tied supposedly after my last child 5.5 yrs ago. I had a tummy tuck almost 2 years ago. The start of my LMP was 7/9/14 and all of a sudden 2 days ago my legs swelled up knee down out of the blue. My breasts felt a little tender for a couple of days but I just figured normal hormonal stuff. But, when my legs swelled it freaked me out cause it's only happened to me while pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative but still way too early or that and I went to the dr to have my blood checked and all my labs looked good and the blood test showed negative. I did the ring test with all my children over my belly and it always showed the sex correct of the child in my belly. I hung it over my boyfriends belly and it doesn't move and over mine it swings back and forth Indicating a boy... Could I seriously be pregnant? Oh I have also been urinating a lot lately which is not normal for me....

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    I would request an ultrasound. Its really hard to say rather you are or not but its possible to have an ectopic pregnancy which can be dangerous (not trying to scare you) i wish you luck.

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    Thank you, I may try and get an appt with my OB Gyn for Wed. Will they be able to tell this early or only an US will tell?

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    I would wait until your period is late before calling the doctor. It's too early to show up on ultrasound, urine tests, or most blood tests.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwenn View Post
    I would wait until your period is late before calling the doctor. It's too early to show up on ultrasound, urine tests, or most blood tests.
    This. Best of luck!

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    Default How many days before ovulation can you be pregnant?

    They say youre highly fertile about 6 days before you periods been wayy off but im off birth control... and my bf and i habe had sex a few times when i thought it was safe...then wee early sunday morning, he kinda... made us....and now im worried.... because i dont knkw for sure when i ovulate because my sch....and i do want a baby, but im just about to start beauty school, and the relationship isnt ready for a baby to be brought in...especially after sunday morning

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    OK so this is weird because I am having similar problems. I am not sure if this is where I would post this but need help. I ovulated 3 weeks ago and have been very active in the you know what department. I only have 1 ovary and am over 40 so wasn't worried about pregnancy. But I am feeling really nauseas and heartburn in the mornings every day. My normal period was not normal brown and light pink then cramping heavy very unusual bled normal for 2 days then it went away and I am starting to feel discomfort down low like my pants are hurting me. My temp is up, i get lightheaded and my emotions are crazy. My breasts are not sore just full and tingling sensation. I haven't had a pregnancy in 7 years and it was ectopic. I tested and it was negative. Weird thing is I am good at knowing that I conceived and I feel like I did.

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