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    Anyone knows if is safe? I just found out that I am pregnant a few days ago and just realized my waxing appointment is for tomorrow. I haven't seen the doctor yet so I was wondering if anyone on here knew? Thanks!!

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    I've only had them early on. And even then my wax girl says that i may be more swollen or bleed more.I find that i am more sensitive during pregnancy. So I just stick with bikini wax only. But make sure you tell them.the salon nay have a policy itself.

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    I had then dine during ny first my first pregnancy with the last being 37 weeks. Definitely a bit more ouchie the further along you get but I didn't think it was all that bad. I used a waxing spa so they knew what they were doing and were very clean in their operating so I wasn't worried about it beyond the pain.
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