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    Question Confused!!!

    Me and my husband have been trying to concieve a baby these are the following symptons I have been having nausea, fatigue, cravings, increased appertite, sore breast, acne, feeling like my body is extremely hot on the inside and cold on the outside, if that makes and sense to anyone, also a little piching feeling in my belly button. My menstrual cycle is suppost to start until August 1, 2014, but yesterday morning when I woke up i had started to cramp a little and was experiencing light pink spotting which I thought may be implantation bleeding, but then when i woke you this morning i started to bleed it isn't heavy at the time and my menstrual is not for another 7 days and I still very nausea's one more thing also my stomach gets tingle.....can someone please give me some advice or a some kind of clue. Also when I drink pop or something it taste funny....
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    Can someone please help me? No one will give me any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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    Have you taken a pregnancy test? It's early yet so it might be too soon to show positive, but it's always possible. Unfortunately pregnancy symptoms can be confused with PMS symptoms so it's hard to go off that alone but it does sound promising.
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    I agree with Gwenn. It is really too early to tell. I'd wait until closer to when you would have expected your AF to start unless your current bleeding really picks up. I'd then count this bleeding as an early AF.
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    Wait until you are officially late to test. I think it says on the EPT's that only a small percentage of women can have an early result. I've been 1-2 weeks late before getting a positive result. Its just an opinion of mine that I think the commercials for specifically early testing is a gimmick to have more women keep buying tests and use words like as soon as 6 days before your missed period *. Its not the case for everyone.
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    How are you feeling? Did you test again?

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