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Thread: Bath toys for PK kids

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    Default Bath toys for PK kids

    I threw out most of the bath toys and my 4 year old noticed. I need to buy some but most of them look too youngish (is that a word? . So, what do your kids play with in the tub? Any recommendations?


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    I bought these just for something new and different (don't use them as bath toys, though) and my four year olds love them.
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    Every time I buy bath toys I end up tossing them for fear of mold. We did get great use out of those foam pieces that stick. There are letters and numbers as well as people to build. We still get the best use out of sea sponges, funnels, empty dish soap bottles, measuring cups, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridget View Post
    Every time I buy bath toys I end up tossing them for fear of mold.
    That's exactly why I did the big toss

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    We get tons of use out this just wanted to remind you what seems alittle young for their age isnt really young for their imagination

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    We use a set of plastic stackable cups. I throw them in the dishwasher regularly to clean them. They each actually have three little holes in the bottoms so they dry pretty well. We've had no issues with mold/mildew with them. I've also tossed a bunch of the squirt type toys since they never completely dry and do get pretty yucky.
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    We just use cups and plastic boats. I've used foam things, too. My kids have a set with road tracks and cars, but they rarely use it.

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    yeah, i prefer things like cups that can be washed. Those squirt things are disgusting. MIL gave DD some for christmas and I'm about to toss them. DD keeps drinking out of them and making me cringe I had forgotten about those foam things!

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    Bath tub crayons are lots of fun! My girls take their Disney princess in the tub for hair washing and makeovers.

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    just a few of the many toys that we use in the bath. the green toys are made from recycled milk jugs. easy to wash and don't hold water in them, (the ferry boat one pops apart so you can drain it out. the submarine one is like a water scoop and they all dry quickly.

    eta: you can seal the squirters with a hot glue gun to prevent water from getting inside them. (but then they no longer squirt water and are not as fun)
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    Aside from cups, sponges etc., Noe likes little plastic people and animals. We have a few vintage action figures and some farm animals, plus a set of mythological creatures and people she got for her bday (a TOOB set by Safari).
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    We love the green toys options previously mentioned. That and cups
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