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Thread: Too old to be pregnant?

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    I am 50 years old and, according to my labs, am post menopausal. I had sex on May 26. By the first week in June, I was extremely dizzy and nauseous and was urinating more frequently. I went to the doctor thinking that I had just gotten water in my ears in the pool and possibly had a urinary tract infection. The answer was no to both. The next symptoms were pelvic cramps, vaginal cramps, low grade fever, metallic taste in my mouth, sneezing and one episode of mucousy discharge. My two dogs have also been fighting a they're trying to protect me. I did two home pregnancy tests ( probably too early) and had a urine pregnancy test at the doctor's office (7 weeks after intercourse). All were negative. I feel pregnant.....what else could it be? I have also gained about five pounds and feel bloated.

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    By seven weeks after intercourse, a home pregnancy test should show up positive.

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    I would make an appointment with my OB for a complete exam. It maybe that you have an infection or something else going on. I'm not a Dr but think if your labs are showing postmenopausal than you could not get pregnant. I would definitely get checked out because of symptoms and weigh gain. Best of luck.

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    Yes, I agree with both the previous posters. I would follow up with your doc to figure out what the issue is.
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