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    Hello all! My name is Jessie and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since last July (2013). So far no luck!

    My story:

    I had been put on depo in 2012 because my periods were absolutely brutal. We're talking 10-11 days long, heavy flow, nausea-inducing name it! But now, it feels like what felt like my only recourse to not suffer through those monster periods (I had tried like four different pills before that) is still keeping me from getting pregnant. I know that depo is pretty hard on a lady's repro. system but I can't help but feel like this is all still taking to long.

    I began keeping track of my periods (I use an app on my phone) when I stopped my depo in April 2013. My cycles were all over the place. Different lengths, some coming three weeks after the last and the next would wait six weeks to show up. I have been keeping to a pretty steady 28-day cycle since December though! I was cheered at the thought of regular cycles and the fact that my fertility was getting back to some kind of normal.

    If we move into this year I will be the first to admit that February and March were pretty slow in the sex department. I was laid off from a job I really enjoyed (and the pay was awesome! T__T) in February and between the depression of losing my job and moving just a few weeks later...there was not much action. Since that time, life in general for me has settled into it's new normal and sex has picked back up. But with still no luck in getting pregnant! Ugh.

    This past week has been a weird one for me though. I have had burps that are just awful, my throat is getting sore from the amount of acid coming up and antacids have been of minimal help. I feel like a shaken up soda with the fizz spilling out! I decided to look up what the hell could be causing this nonsense, I have never had these kinds of issues before, and all of my searching kept leading back to GERD or acid reflux. But it seemed odd to me that these problems would just magic themselves out of nowhere when I have had no major diet changes. And I highly doubt it was something I ate disagreeing with me because that should have made its way out of my system days ago.

    The only thing that Doctor Google has told me could cause this is a possible pregnancy. Really?! I am not getting my hopes up that this is my first sign of pregnancy. I mean, my period only ended on the 5th. Surely, I can't be showing any signs yet? I should have barely ovulated. But still, I can be hopeful I guess. It will definitely suck if this is just my body being a troll. Though I guess I should be used to the disappointment.

    If my period shows up (which should be around the first) I'll be getting an OPK.

    Whoa...that turned into a novel...sorry for the length!

    So onto my questions:

    Have any of you had difficulty conceiving after using depo?

    Has anyone ever had acid problems early in their pregnancy? I feel like I'm symptom spotting just because I'm anxious. =/

    What should I look for in an OPK if I end up needing one?? I barely understand how they work. There is so much information out there it's just overwhelming.

    Thanks to any responses in advance! Hopefully I can get some peace of mind out of all of this.

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    I took depo about 13 years ago but stopped after about a year because I hated what it did to me...horrible mood swings, weight gain,etc. I remember not getting a regular period for about 18 months after I stopped. It just takes time I guess!

    I'm currently pregnant and occasionally I'll feel some heart burn, but nothing like what you're experiencing.

    As far as OPKs, I always bought the box with 20 test strips. Just be sure to read through the directions carefully. Also it says to test once a day but I usually did every 12 hours, just in case.

    Good luck!!

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    Your acid reflux/ Gerd sounds like what I had with no diet changes and unfortunately I wasn't pregnant. With one of my pregnancies my first symptom was heartburn about a week before AF and a horrible metaluc taste in my mouth unfortunately I had miscarriage although not related to the heartburn.

    As far as opk I agree with pp.
    Welcome and good luck!

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    Welcome! I am sorry to hear your journey of TTC has been so lenghty. Do you temp each day? and when you start using OPK's use your app to track the right time and use two test strips per day! I have never been on BC but I have friend that used depo for years and her periods were wacky quite some time after, I really think that one is just a waiting game but it sounds like your body has leveled out and you are right on track! Good Luck and let us know if you have any questions!
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