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Thread: Check out my Registry, HELP!

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    Default Check out my Registry, HELP!

    Alright my turn to get everyone's advice on what I am missing from my registry. Any suggestions would be awesoooome...

    The shower is happening sometime early September, but its a surprise so I don't know the exact date. At first glance I am missing quite a lot but below I will list what I already own and kept from DD. I met a few wonderful people the past few months who keep giving me things for freeee too.

    What I already have:
    2 cribs
    1 changing table
    1 glider chair
    2 Bath tubs
    2 exersaucers
    1 playmat
    1 tummy time playmat
    1 bumbo seat w/tray
    1 space saver high chair
    1 rock n play bassinet
    2 bouncey seats
    1 boppy pillow
    1 boppy newborn lounger
    30 bottles, brand new 2 or 3 different brands
    2 bottle brushes
    breast pump

    that's all i can think of that we have at the moment!

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    Do you think you should try out a twin nursing pillow?

    Some of the things that you only have one of ... are you just going to have the boys take turns (like the bumbo seat)?

    What about bath towels and wash cloths?

    What about infant teethers/toys?

    The stroller on your registry ... will that fit two infant seats? It looks like it's just made to fit one.

    What about a swing? I didn't see it on your list of what you have, nor on the registry.

    That's all I can think of. Looks good so far!
    Dorcas (35) DH (36) 3/13

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    Yes I was going to say a twin nursing pillow..

    Washcloths and towels

    Clothing for ages 0-6 months..You can not have enough sleepers and onsies for twins.

    Diaper bag

    Nipples for bottles.

    Swaddle blankets or sleep sacks

    Does the cosleeper need sheets or waterproof mattress pads?

    Medications like infant motrin..saline solution.

    Grooming kit

    BK storage bags

    Petroleum jelly if you plan to circ.

    I would increase quantity on baby wash

    Maybe add a lotion since its winter aveno cream just incase they suffer from dry skin

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    Sorry no BK storage bags but bm storage bags.

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    Also...add some feeding stuff..spoons. Sippy cups. Bowls. Snack storage. Bibs

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    A surprise shower sounds so thoughtful and sweet!
    Me-Kelly (29) DH-Phillip (33) 2 unexplained losses. Ready for a rainbow baby!

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    Awww, how fun !!

    I've never registered and just know I'd be awful at it, lol, you thought of a gazillion things I never would have ! So no suggestions from me...looks great, momma !!
    Dh (39) Me (37) 8bio 1adopted, 14 angels

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    Thank you ladies! I added a few things you guys suggested that I didn't think of! Couple of your suggestions I already own and forgot to list.

    I do need a swing or two. Wasn't very happy with Targets selection though. They were pretty lame. I think I'll look to Craigslist for a swing!

    So. Question about vaseline all I need for the aftercare? Lol. I have nooooo idea.

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    We use a mohel who is also a family doc and do ours a few weeks after birth.. He typically just tells us to keep it moist with Vaseline until it starts to heal. If it is looking infected they'll need oral antibiotic. But you'll be given list of instructions from your doc. It depends on the method used as well.

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    Just wanted to say im not sure on if you have a stroller or have been thinking about it but i have a mountain buggy duet stroller with the baby cot attachment..its..AMAZING, turns on a dime and is so compact i love when i take my 4 and 1.5 yr old to the store and the two of them fit in a stroller as wide as most singles! So i will definitely be using it for baby and is expensive but maybe see if you can get people to donate towatds it for your shower

    Ali (28) dh (28)love since 2006 8 angels who left us too soon

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