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Thread: carpal tunnel advice?

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    Default carpal tunnel advice?

    I seem to have over did it with my wrist giving dd and i pedi's and mani's last night an now im suffering big time.

    I have tried ice for 10-15 mins once an hour

    Baby asprin once but it made me nauseous

    My wrist brace and ace bandage is in a tote that has heavy boxes on it. So thats out for now

    Anyone have tips or tricks to help me through the pain?
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    I have no advice except using a piece of cloth to tie around your wrist and hand. Making like a loop aroubd your thumb. Also you can massage something like mentholathum balm into your wrist. Hugs. Can you see a Dr for that?

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    I'm sorry, I have no advice. I haven't had to suffer with it and my mother always pulls out her brace (or buys a new one) when it flairs up for her.
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    Not much advice here either other than ice, tylenol, and elevation ...carpal tunnel is awful! My heart sure goes out to you!!

    I get the various "tunnel syndromes" (carpal, cubital, and tarsal) when my thyroid meds need to be increased and it really is miserable . The wrist braces do help, but obviously that's not a solution for you today. I wonder if wrapping and pinning with just a t-shirt or something kind of like cheeksy/Varya suggested would help ?? I would think that'd be worth a shot anyway !!!

    Thinking of you and hoping you get some relief !!
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    I rotate mine between cold and hot. So ice packs for 15 minutes, nothing for 5 minutes, heat for 15 minutes, nothing for 5 minutes, and repeat. That and I take some tylenol just to try to curb the pain. If you have a bandana, sock, or any fabric you can tie on it, that helps a ton!!
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    Stalking.... One of my Chiropractors showed how to help carpel tunnel.People with carpel tunnel normal have a tender spot on their forearm right below the bend of the elbow and if you massage that it will release. It will be very sore so you may have to massage gentle and ice for a few days. Also if you hold pressure on the spot and slowly exhale it can help it release.Hope that helps. Becareful I've bruised Dh massaging it out.

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    Thanks for the help ladies. I was able to ask a neighbor to help out and i got my brace but i will try massaging it.

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