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Thread: Article: Too Much, Too Soon (formal education)

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    Learning should be play-based, yes. Activities should be set up to allow children open-ended exploration that will result in learning. And teachers should be having conversations with children that are guided by the child's interests, not just giving them directions. Of course, kids should also have exposure to small and large group reading activities, crafts, etc.
    That is exactly my ds' preschool - but I worry that maybe it's not structured enough !'

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    Structure in the form of predictable routines is good, like having designated circle time, center time, outdoor time, etc. Structure in the form of adult-directed learning is overestimated for preschoolers, though. Sounds like you found a great school.

    ETA: That doesn't mean chaos is okay, though. Chaos is really not good - I've seen that, too. You want a balance.
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    I agree as well and due to personal experience. I was started off really young and even now feel like I've lost out on what it is to be a child. All I remember was going to school, sitting in boring classes, coming back and getting immediately into homework. Then there were millions of tests. Really, the importance of play is so understated. I've seen my DD and DS pick up more because of active play (including field trips and even nature walks in the park). I even noticing them solving simple math problems because of this cool math game they've been playing in their playschool. They know so much more than I did at their age and it amazes me that all of this is possible only because of play. There are even "play therapy" centers popping up around town, it's amazing to see.

    I find that kids pick up so much more through discovery rather than the taught word. I often spend a lot of time on pinterest looking up activities I could do with my kids or ways in which you can turn a regular activity into a learning experience. The ideas are endless and mindblowing. The American Academy of Pediatrics have this eye opening article about it as well - The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds

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