Hello Ladies of APA. I was contacted by Cineflex Productions who is doing a documentary on pregnancy challenges. They are looking for a variety of candidates. I am not recommending them, but I am making it available for anyone that would like to explore more. If you do talk to them, please update this thread with any interaction so that other members are informed.

Their message and information is noted below:

Are you facing an extremely challenging pregnancy?

Are you a Mum in your 50s, about to embark on motherhood for the first time? Or are you in a wheelchair and determined to overcome the physical difficulties? Perhaps you have a disability like blindness or profound hearing loss. Or you may be in an unconventional relationship or have an unusual lifestyle. Has your pregnancy brought out conditions that you never thought would affect you such as HG an extreme form of morning sickness, or OCD tendencies?

A brand new television documentary series is looking for pregnant mums to be - with an unusual or challenging situation, a disability or medical condition that impacts on having a baby. If you are juggling the excitement and anxiety that pregnancy is expected to bring, with unusual extra demands on you, then please call us in strictest confidence.

If you'd be interested in an informal chat with a member of the team, please email Alex Thomas athomas@cineflix.com or call 212 206 0461.