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Thread: 2WW labs at CD 21?

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    Default 2WW labs at CD 21?

    Im in the 2WW. I went and had blood work today...this should be around day 21. My estrodiol was 100.4, Progesterone was 6.3. This was a natural, non medicated cycle. They said this means I ovulated. But everything I have read online says that 6.3 is not very good and can mean a weak ovulation and not enough progesterone to have adequate implantation basically. Does anyone know if this means I"m out this cycle??? Anyone have any experience with Labs?
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    It is low but indicates ovulation. I think if you ovulated there is always a chance so don't count yourself out. If you ovulated later than you actually thought that can cause a lower number. I also read that even tho fasting is not required eating before the draw can change the number. Did the Dr prescribe any progesterone? If not you can always use an otc progesterone cream.

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    No... But I have some at home.... I think I may call today to see if he wants me to take.....I'm not exactly sure how many DPO I am.....

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