How I had a 2nd question about homosexuality and how I offered support to my cousin in law that thought she might be gay. Well it turns out her and her husband are getting a divorce. She told me two days and its because of her uncertainty. I told her that I here emotionally if she ever wants to call. She's look for a 2 bedroom apartment and I mentioned that if she wants anyone to go with her for support I would I want to help if she wants help. I told her about 1 place that was in her budget because James and I have looked at many apartments before buying a house with Habitat. She was actually thinking of the place I mentioned. Her and soon to be ex will have joint custody. I did tell her I was sorry that it's come to a divorce and I will be thinking about her and her family. I do feel bad for the children especially my parents were divorced and though now as an adult with my parent's situation is was for the best it just sucks all around. The kids are 7 and almost 3.