So sorry it's taken me so long to post this birth story... Ok so the week of the Forth I started having contractions so I went to the hospital... I was 26/5 weeks and they were able to stop the contractions with mag and they decided to do steroid shots to help mature his lungs bc they though he would come on the 4th! So he ended up cooking a lil longer!! 👍👍

Then July 9th it was 6:30p and I started having contractions again! They got to 3mins and VERY painful! I decided to go back to L&D and they got me hooked up to the monitors and the doc have me a shot to try and stop the contractions again... Then the doc checked me and said I was 4cm 100%effaced w a boldging bag!!! They decided to wait an hour and see if I change... They gave me fentinal for the pain... But I felt like someone was stabbing my and ripping out my insides!! An hour later I feel a gush and I started bleeding WAY more!! The doc checks me again and said I was a 6 amosite 7cm and they needed to do the c section!! They bring me into the OR and start my spinal!! I was so scared!! Then they got the NICU team ready! The c section was really freaking me out. Then they told me he was out and I didn't hear a cry for a sec... Then out came a lil squeal.

He was born 7/10/14 4:58a
2lbs 6ozs 13 1/2" long I'm having a hard time figuring out how to upload pics on my phone!!