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    Is it possible to get pregnant during your first month taking birth control? I mean we were taking to help me regulate my cycle I had been having crazy amounts of spotting and bleeding that picked up the last couple of days before I started birth control, which was like a week ago now. I didn't really notice any symptoms from the pill though or side affects until the last couple of days. I am wondering could they be pregnancy related though?

    I have been very emotional at times, and started a new job and ended up having to leave it after only a week because of the crazy hours being overnight, my body and mind just couldn't handle it. I cried a bunch, and then today I noticed I am having some serious food aversions. When I make something and it sounds good to eat, I am excited to eat it, then I taste it and I don't like it, but I am nauseous before eating and after, and everything seems to be running right through me. I am hungry and full at the same time... Just a little confused. Any of you ladies experience this?

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    Yes. You are supposed to use condoms that first month. What day are you in your cycle tho... because bc does cause the same symptoms as pg too. If you are all the way though your first month and miss your af and still have symptoms then test. If it is during the middle of your cycle probably just the bc.
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