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Thread: Diaper rash with sores

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    So all of a sudden, DS was super squirmy when I changed his diaper in the morning (even more so than normal) but everything looked okay. We had a sitter all day, and when we got home, she said that he had a little cut and was bleeding when she changed his diaper. Last night I changed him, and he had a poop that he had been sitting in (he ate a ton of apples yesterday and the poop was basically all apple and didn't smell). He was bright red and had a few little sores. I covered him in Desitin and put him to bed. This morning, the redness has gone way down but I can see 3 spots. There is one on each side of his penis and then a third spot on one of his cheeks. I put some Neosporin on the open wounds and then slathered him in Aquaphor this morning.

    Is there anything special I should be putting on the sores? Should I take him to the pedi? He has never had this before, and it literally happened over the course of a day. He did poop twice yesterday morning so he had a lot of diaper changes in the morning. I am trying to use wet paper towels and wash cloths so the wipes won't irritate him further.


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    Apple always did that ti my girls. I would load them up with desitin until it cleared up. We avoided apples.and apple.juice for along time.

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    Thanks. I think I will alternate Desitin and Aquaphor for a day or 2 and if it isn't getting better, take him in. He is eating, sitting, playing, etc all like everything is fine. If it stops raining, I may let him run around with no diaper in the backyard for a little bit later today so it can air out some. It's just too hard to have such an active guy in the house with no diaper! lol

    Avoiding apple is going to be VERY hard - they are his favorite! We will stay away until this has totally cleared up and then I will have to be very careful about limiting them.

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    Poor little guy! Definitely use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe him rather than the baby wipes and make sure to dry him thoroughly afterwards. I'm a huge fan of coconut oil, so I usually use that whenever DS has any skin issues. I've used Butt Paste in the green tube the few times DS actually had a rash. Maybe some play time in the bath tub, without any water in it, so he can air out a bit? I hope it clears up soon!

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    Well, it looks better today. The sores are still there, but the redness is going down.

    I did give him a bath yesterday, but it was very quick. He was in desperate need and I though soaking it might help. Instead he refused to sit down and cried the whole time But he did pee in the water and had pooped twice that morning, so I let him nap with no diaper. I put two towels down first. He woke up when he peed on the towels, but luckily it only got on one of them and his bed stayed clean I also got him Triple Paste. My sister's DD3 had this kind of rash when she was a newborn and my sister swears by it.

    Poor guy pooped 4 times yesterday! Every time he poops, it really hurts him. But the consistency was more normal by the last one, so hopefully today it won't bother his poor tush so much. And I am not using wipes on him!

    Thanks for the advice - hopefully it will be gone soon!

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    We use Boudreaux's Butt Paste and it works like a charm for Nathan.
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    I think a baking soda bath and/or oatmeal bath would help but if he wont sit it will be useless lol. It sounds like you are doing what you can and it's on it's way to getting better. The best thing you can do is change poop as soon as it happens which is hard when it's happening a lot or during a nap! DD3's got so bad that I ended up cutting up these cloth diaper liners I had from my attempts at cloth and would apply desitin and the strips on her cheeks so that when she pooped it would not touch her skin. I was desperate! And that did help but was a PITA.

    The baths and air drying were the best natural cures. If it doesn't go away I would see the pedi because it could be yeast and they will have to prescribe something. Although mine said it was yeast many times and i used what they prescribed but it never really helped.

    It's sad and frustrating!
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    Well, it gets better and then worse again. But I of course can't help but worry about everything. He had a little rash on his face, so of course after Lancebabe's posts I start thinking HFM. And he has a weird rash-looking spot on the back of his neck that I am pretty sure are scratches (I cut his nails to nubs today) but my mind wanders and I start to think he has some flesh-eating bacteria or something Logically I know it was most likely just the apples, but what can I say? I'm a worrier by nature! I will see how it looks in the morning. First thing today it looked better. If it doesn't look better then, I might take him in. Our pedi takes walk-ins from 8-9 AM. I think it will be better though, and that I am letting my imagination get the best of me.

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    If it doesn't get better I would take him in just to rule out a staph infection.

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    Well, it looks almost completely cleared up except for 2 sores left, but they look better as well. I already changed him this morning, but at the next changing I am going to put a little more Neosporin on that and continue with the triple paste until those are gone. I feel for the poor kids (and their Moms!) who get bad diaper rash all the time. It is no fun watching your LO squirm and cry whenever you change a diaper We have always been very lucky on that front, so this has been new to me.

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    I also swear by Triple Paste. I LOVE the stuff. I'm not so certain how natural or "good" it is ... but it works SO well for us that I just try not to think about that.

    I had some issues like this one on and off with DS2 and they always healed up and I never needed to take him in for a diaper rash, though I also tend to worry a lot of I also err on the side of NOT taking the kids into the ped unless it has been a prolonged illness or there are other worrisome factors.
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