dd has been up since 3 am. ever since dropping her nap she will not sleep thru the night and usually wake around 5 am wanting to be up for the day and play. she is a cranky mess. i am a cranky mess. she is waking every one in the house and nothing is working to keep her in bed or her room.

i no longer have patience. i need someone to help me out but you all know that is not going to be dh...
(insert sarcastic voice)he needs his sleep for work (end voice)

i feel like i am going to do something i will regret and there is no one at this ungodly hour that can or will help me out.. i am so angry tired frustrated and upset... dh and i had a fight yesterday and i cried alot which gives me a headache and i need sleep to fix that which is not happening.

all i can do right now is cry. i have tons going on tomorrow ( it being ds b-day and also a monday which is the only day i have to run errands) why dd why why won't you sleep? i have read sleepless in america and nothing in the book is helping.
i tried letting her sleep with daddy and i and she just wanted to jump on the bed.

suggestions? tips? advice? this momma can't handle another sleepless night... she can't handle anything anymore.