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    Anyone else have a little one who talks in their sleep? Nathan woke up a few minutes ago and came downstairs crying that his leg hurt. Erin heard him get up and came down after him and took him back up to bed with her. She just texted me and said that he is now laughing and talking in his sleep. She said she can't understand what he's saying, but it's very entertaining anyway.
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    Olivia has on occasion - mostly gibberish but it is pretty funny to watch her!

    Now DH, he also does it, and we have had some entertaining conversations My favorite with him was when he jumped out of bed one night and turned on the light, and then just stood there. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me (in a bit of a Napoleon Dynamite voice), "I'm checking the light!" and then just stood there for about 2 more minutes. So I finally asked him if he could maybe check it in the morning, and he eventually just turned it off and got back in bed like nothing ever happened...

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    Mira does it as well. Sometimes, I can tell what she is saying, but mostly not.

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    DD1 does and says some interesting things in her sleep. It ranges from being downright goofy to sobbing and making no sense when she tries to explain what's wrong. I have noticed these episodes are more frequent when she is sick.

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    I do it. I had a fight with DH I guess once and he didn't realize I was sleeping and he was really hurt. I guess I can get really rather b*tchy when I'm talking in my sleep. My sister also does it. She usually sees bugs and once she had me convinced there was a bat in her room. She was totally sleeping but it took me a while to realize it. My mom, my sister and myself are all known to sleepwalk and sleep talk.

    Jennifer, 35, DH 36

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    dh has realistic dreams that he will react to and wake up mid swing trying to kill the beast in his dream...
    i talk, mumble and make other noises but i don't think that any one has ever been able to understand what i say.
    my brother used to have full conversations with people and sleep thru the whole thing.
    my brother also told me a story about his college roommate and how he jumped out of bed and started acting like a monkey, jumping on the bed, swinging from the top bunk, screaching and ended by leaping across the room landing back on his bed and not ever waking up for it.

    i have heard Q talking in his sleep and dd will talk too but is usually awake and talking to the ceiling (dh thinks she sees a ghost and talks to it)

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    My 3 yo ds talks very clearly in his sleep and is usually fighting with his brother. Lol

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