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    So what are your babies doing right now? Quinn is smiling and laughing all the time. He is also really close to rolling from back to tummy. He loves to grab his feet. He also loves grabbing things with his hands like rattles or toys or of course his paci. He'll pull the paci out and then get made because he can't figure out how to get it back in.

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    Sean is rolling from tummy to back, grabs things and he can grab his paci, hold it and put it back in his mouth when he wants. He has been grabbing his feet for awhile and loves grabbing other things, including my necklaces or clothes. He is talking all. the. time.!! I love it but really little man?! lol He stands up when we hold him, so cute! He seems to love the color red. Sean smiles a ton but is working on his laugh because it takes a lot of craziness from mommy and daddy to get him to laugh but it's so cute when he goes! He opens his mouth wide and cackles!

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