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Thread: Scan today...hmm, I'm nervous.

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    Thanks Kelly!

    IUI is done, 15 million in the sample...which is pretty good for a sample. She said everything looked great, cervix in good position and all that. This one was one of my least painful, with not much poking around so I take that as a good sign.

    I started getting a little achy late last night and early this morning, it was still going on as I walked in for the IUI, hopefully that is a good sign too.

    My chart is a mess, FF will probably try to give me CH on yesterday, just going to ride it out and see.

    I'm feeling optimistic, and hoping my face doesn't break out in the next 7-10 days.

    They didn't have me do progesterone this time, which is nice but worrisome. My RE always has me do it on injectable cycles, but he is out of town. The stand in wants me to come in for a beta at 12DPO so they can test me then to see if I'm low. I never needed it with the trio, so hopefully it will be fine. Yay for no fake pregnancy symptoms.

    Thanks for letting me ramble, I'm trying to remain positive and calm LOL.

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    I've been on progesterone during all of my pregnancies, but always started after the pregnancy was confirmed and low levels were confirmed, so I'm sure delaying it will be completely fine. Sounds like you're in the right mindset you can stay in that place!
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    I am last couple IUI's I have had what I thought were pretty hefty 'O' pains for a good 12 hours after my IUI...this time is no different. I'm having a few more sharp pains than I remember from the general achy, crampy feelings on my past IUI's. I hate that I am already reading into things...but I'm hoping this is a good sign.

    As we were doing some pre-party setting up for the trio's bday tonight, Jason told me he hopes it works. I had to ask if he was being sarcastic, he said NO. I asked why he had to wait until our LAST try to get hopeful....and then I asked if that meant this wasn't our last try, of course I had to give it a try. He said no...this is it, I didn't argue, I'm way or the other.

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    So glad to hear your IUI went well !!!

    Woohooo for all that o pain...definitely a good sign !!

    Everything crossed !

    I would think too that you'd be fine without the progesterone . My RE only prescribed it for me because I requested it and "it won't hurt"...he only prescribes it routinely for his IVF patients.

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    good luck! I really hope being uncomfortable is a sign of good thing to come!

    And your chart looks really awesome with a nice temp bump today too, especially considering there wasn't any extra progesterone! That is all your body!
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    Thanks. I'm hanging in there. Still pretty bloated and a little achy, but thankfully the pain and real discomfort seems to took a little longer than my normal 12 hours to end, but by 24 hours I was feel a lot better. Jason just asked me when I can test. Lord man, now he is so on board I am going to feel a little extra sucky if this doesn't work out.

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    Maybe he's SO on board because this time IS going to work out!! ;)

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