Never too late to start one of these threads right? Lol.

With so many littles I am incredibly busy but I need a place to write my thoughts now that I am approaching the end of this pregnancy.

33 weeks 2 days currently. My midwife is praying (as are so many others) that my sweet Micah stays in momma until 37 weeks. I can deliver at home (we have a planned water home birth after two c sections) if I make it to 36 1/2. I have a history of pre term labor and the midwife and I already had to stop contractions once.

I have definitely hit nesting mode this week!

God took a huge burden off my shoulders (and my husband's) today when we finally were able to safely configure 5 carseats into our Odyssey! Praise God, I was dancing with joy, we won't have to purchase a new van!!

I don't know how to add a picture from my phone (and photo bucket won't work on my phone) but if anybody else has a suggestion how to add, I could post my belly picture.