I need help trying to address this situation.

Here's a little background.

My husband's sister, her husband and kids live across the street from us. For years, we haven't spoken to the parents. The kids used to come over and visit during nice weather every now and then, but they haven't done that in a few years. We really only see them at Christmas. DD was born in early Sept. and the first time any of them acknowledged her was at Christmas, DH's sister said "congratulations" from several feet away and they did get her a gift, although it was something I would NEVER, EVER wear on my child (and I'm sure they knew that)...that was it, none of her kids even so much as looked at the baby, DH said they probably weren't allowed to.

Fast forward to last night.

DH had to run an errand and I was home getting DD ready for bed, it was just after 8:00. The next thing I know, there's a knock at the door and the dogs start carrying on. It was DH's sisters kids, out of the blue. They were on vacation and got DD a gift (which I thought was very nice, but also really strange since they haven't acknowledged her in the last 10 months).

We have 2 big dogs that run to the door when someone is there, so its easiest to know someone is coming and then I can put them in the garage if I need to. They knew that from before. Now that DD is crawling all over and starting to take steps, its even more important for her safety.

How do I address them just popping over like that, unannounced and at that time of night. I know it needs to be addressed with the parents. I am thinking I will send and email, but what do I say? No matter what I do or say I'm going to be the butt, but I have a baby to worry about now, how they react is out of my control.

If you've read this entire post, THANK YOU and I apologize for being so long winded!