I'm wide awake and this isn't very long do here goes. (Oh and thank you all so much for the amazing support, I didn't get to read it until later but i was thinking of you ladies when i had a spare moment. )

Sunday 7/6 3:15 am, first real contractions timed at 7 mins apart for an hourish. Get up at 4:30 because I couldn't sleep anymore. Contractions all day with varying times and slightly increasing intensity. Talked to mw @ 9:30 am and we set up a plan for when to come in. Laid in bed most of the day trying to sleep and breathe.

Eventually contractions got to 5 mins apart lasting 1 mins and after 2 hours of that i was ready to go.

We got to the hospital at about 8pm and after being checked the mw was unhappy with Abby's heartbeat. No regular accelerations or variability. So they made me drink coke, which was not cool considering how I had been nauseated all day and it made me want to vomit. But of course i drank it. Her heart issues were resolved and they admitted me: 3cm, 100% effaced and -1 station.

I spent nearly my whole labor in the tub. They have me fluids because her heart issues returned. That also meant no meds for me and i confess i asked for them, I wasn't as prepared for the intensity and pain as i thought.

After probably 90 mins i was re checked and consented to membrane sweep, but not breaking of water until much later, if needed. That got me to 6 cm! And more painful contractions. I remembered a birth story from Ina May's book about a singer that she told to sing or hum during contractions. So i turned on my Billy Joel playlist and hummed through the contractions. It was wayyyy more effective at controlling the pain than belly breathing, like some of them i barely noticed.

A couple more hours and 7 cm, the midwife said hey your doing so great I'm just gong to leave you alone.

But holy crap at 7 I started to feel like i needed to push so I called her back and we got me out of the tub and broke my water. I labored the rest of the way on my left side. I stayed in a great frame of mind until my playlist ended and the music stopped. I about screamed in pain--No i definitely screamed.

Then i could feel my contractions pushing her farther down. And then all if a sudden I screamed really loud, she's coming! I had the mw and 3 nurses on me in about 3 seconds. And i pushed, on my side, maybe 5 songs worth of pushing.

Abigail Lillian was born at 2:14 am 7/7/14, weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces (Joke's on me right? ) 20 inches long with wavy black hair.

She's a very crotchety baby, screaming at everything, but we think she's pretty awesome.

Pictures to come later.