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Thread: Could it be possible I am pregnant?

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    Default Could it be possible I am pregnant?

    Yesterday my fiancÚ and I had dry butt sex. Ive ever had vaginal sex before and he did not ejaculate. There was also no precum because he had precummed earlier. I am a afraid that he could have precummed a second time although he said there was nothing, and a little dripped down into my vagina. I have sore boobs since yesterday and now I'm urinating frequently. I'm supposed to get my period in 9 days. Can it be I'm pregnant? What are the chances? Is this PMS and I'm doing it in my mind. Please help.

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    There is 0% chance you are pregnant. And even if it WERE possible, which it isn't, you couldn't possibly experience symptoms the next day.

    If you are urinating frequently, you might have a yeast infection or a UTI.
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