So a huge thank you to who posted a thread about their child getting preventative abx for Lyme decease a while ago. We are visiting family in the IN/OH/KY area and spent the day at their farm. We got back to the hotel and I checked all the kids heads thanks to that thread... We'll I found one on my toddler. He has had it for probably 3-4 hours absolutely max but it already started to burrow its head. We pulled it all out and it all came out. There was no blood but the tick did pull probably the top layer of his skin, we saw almost like a patch of dry skin on the tick. What do I do now? I am so not knowledgeable about ticks, we really don't have them back home. I am googling away and seeing that Lyme is very unlikely if tick was on for less than 24 hours. And there was no blood so I am hoping he wasn't deep enough??? Should I take him to urgent care tomorrow? I am so lost and freaked out!! And thank you again to whoever posted that thread... I owe you big time!