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    I went off birth control about two months ago. Last month, my period lasted for almost 11-12 days, but it was very irregular. I bled steadily for 5 days, and then the remainder I would bleed heavily for about two hours, and then have nothing the rest of the day. Then, randomly 10 days later, I bled heavily for a day, and then nothing.

    According to my regular scheduled periods, I should have started my period on either the 1st or 2nd of this month, and I still have nothing. My husband and I have started trying for pregnancy in the last two weeks. However, it is possible that we could have conceived anytime after I stopped taking the birth control, although we were being "careful" up until we decided to try to be pregnant.

    I've had tender breasts, bloating, and mild cramps (usually my cramps are severe when I'm on my period). I've also experienced constant "fluttering" in my uterus that I've never experienced before. I know it's not gas because it has been happening off and on for the last 7 days.(what is it?) I've never been this late on a period. Is it possible that I could be pregnant? I'm scared to take a pregnancy test, I want it to be positive so badů

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    Welcome! I would test. I understand wanting it to be a positive we all want that.;) You could be pregnant or it could be a case if coming off birth control. Sometime it takes awhile to regulate afterward and pms symptoms and pregnancy symptoms can be the same unfortunately. Start a prenatal with folic acid now that ttc and join us here to learn, encourage, and support. Good luck!

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    Welcome to APA! How did it go? Did you test?

    Fingers crossed you got an easy bfp!
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    What they said
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    Have u tested?
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