I finally have a BFP!!!!!!

This is a true miracle because I rarely ovulate...and we didn't have any help this time...it happened on it's own!!! I'm in shock because I literally just tested! I'm about 5 weeks according to my own calculation.

I felt the need to test because my boobs have been sore for over 2 weeks (usually pms has them sore for 1-2 weeks before period), and since yesterday I've felt a little more queezy than I usually do during pms....and the past few weeks I've had little cramping here and there...and yesterday I NEEDED to take a nap! These are all typical PMS stuff for me...but it's just a little more exaggerated this time.

My question is to you ladies....how should I tell my DH??

OOOOHHHHH! I can't believe it!!!!! THREE YEARS! Praise goes to my God!