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    Cool Dear Body

    Dear Body:

    Please stop being mean to me. Please stop giving signs and symptoms of things you cannot do. Please quit making me feel like a crazy Looney tune woman every 26 days or so. Please try to be kind to my emotions and my 'figurative' heart. Please just be regular - without any of the 'weird' things thrown in that could give me even a seed of hope that we could be pregnant - because we aren't. We can't be. You, my body, have had an absolute refusal to cooperate for more than the last 5 years and my emotions are wearing thin.

    Or if you insist on giving me small hope then please do it for real. I can't take all this heartbreak anymore. Please. Be. Kind. And please remember we are going to adopt so I have to save my emotional roller coaster for that crazy ride and I don't have time for too much of your nonsensical games.


    Your happy, confused and ever-hopeful heart and mind.

    ^^^^^sorry for the ridiculous babblings. Its been a crazy week and I hate that I have this tiny seed of hope even though I know my body wont, can't, get pregnant. Its driving me crazy all these 'symptoms'.

    Hope y'all had a great holiday!
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    Praying for guidance in our journey to parenthood through adoption and eventually IVF.

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    waiting for our hearts to healBrittany(28)DH(39) DSD-(18) DS-Tristan(4) DD-Brooke(3) DS-Preston(1)*my miracles*

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    Aww, I told understand your letter to your body. I did think stranger things have happened tho. So praying for you and the adoption process.

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    Laura (33) DH (37) x 4

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