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Thread: Didn't think I'd be back here

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    Default Didn't think I'd be back here

    So, its been a while since I have been here...but I am back.

    According to my charts, I am currently sitting at 3 days late.

    This would be a condom failure pregnancy if I am pregnant.

    Here is where the struggle lies... I tested day before AF and (-) ... I tested this day cause I had very light spotting before AF was due.
    The day AF was due (-)
    The after and (-)
    So, now I am afraid to spend the money today for yet another negative test.

    I have some symptoms... but, I am trying not to read into it.

    Anyone here ever get pregger with protection?


    on another note... time to change my stickies at the bottom!!

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    Sounds pretty negative to me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brittany_Dawn View Post
    Sounds pretty negative to me...
    I am now sitting at 6 days late, and still negative.

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    The late period has happened to me in fact I was two weeks late and scared it was a condom failure this was when I was 17 However, I ended up having my period. I really think it was from anxiety my period just didn't come.
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    I am here with a 2 week late period and all home test negative. Took a blood test to confirm.

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