We had dd2 birthday dinner and I kept eating and craving caffeine. Around 11pm I told dh how awesome caramel latte would be but starbucks was already closed.
I had insomnia and ate 1/4 of the watermelon close to midnight. Around 12.30 I went to sleep.but ended up.zapping midges in the bed till after 1. I was uncomfortable and had very loose bms
Finally I slept and walk up shortly after 2 with a very intense contraction. They started coming every 8-11min. Plus couple more loose bms. So I woke dh up.
Some time after 3 I has a bloody show and I.walk. dh up completely saying it is time. Contrix shifted to 6-9 min apart. A friend's husband drove from nearby area to take me to the hospital. It was not fun to have a contraction on a bumpy road!
Another friend and her husband waited already at the hospital. I.was checked but no progress so I was sent to another floor to evaluate and prep got c/s. It was past 4.
After collecting few blood samples and a urine sample, I walked back and my water broke. No one tells you it is like having baby oil running down your legs - slimy and odourless. I was hooked to ivs and given some painful injection. Then sent for monitoring. During monitoring I had 2 doctors check me internally thrice. No progress. Contrix went to every 10-15 min.
At 7.20 I was wheeled out to the surgery and prepped. 2 surgeons performed the c-section. It took sometime to get my spinal in and after that I started feeling dizzy and nauseated. The gave oxygen. And I passed out shortly. I remember opening my eyes few times and they showed me the baby. Then I was being moved and I woke up.
Eric was born at 7.51. He didn't cry. He is very quiet. I put him on the breast first and he latched well but since I have to lay down without movement for 6 hours I couldn't nurse him properly and he later had a formula. He had his 1st bm.
I may be able to start walking tonight! And they would give me a sponge bath which they never did before. My room is like a hotel with a stove, a microwave and a fridge. Dining and bedroom.
So far so good and girls are able to come over!!!
Sorry it is long. But seems 3 babies - 3 totally different experience in the same hospital.