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    Talk to me about implantation! Symptoms, feelings, how many dpo you were. I think I'm about 4dpo, and af isn't due until around the 8th.

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    I knew both times because I had implantation bleeding. Very light pink streaks in my CM. Both were about 5 dpo, I had late implanters though. That was the only noticeable thing for me. I didn't have any other symptoms.

    My DD2 I tested everyday for a week after AF was due and had all negatives. Just chalked it up to my crazy body and skipping a month. Didn't realize until 2 days after my next one was due that I still hadn't had one and a 67 day cycle was unlikely so I tested again at work 3rd shift in the ER and got a blazing bfp. Called my doc the next morning, went in for an US and was 11 weeks!!

    for you!!!
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    I had it 11 dpo. Very light pink.

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    I have always had it!! Very,very faint light pink on TP when i would wipe. Around 7 DPO. and I also have had cramping and pain around my low pelvic area....thought i was getting a UTI....
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    I didn't have it, but certainly started to feel "full" at about 10 DPO with my son. No indication whatsoever with my daughter, though we were on vacation so I wasn't really paying attention to CM because we were swimming every day so I was pretty much dry the whole time. !!!!

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