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    Does anyone have any suggestions for books to read to help prevent sibling rivalry.? or rather how teh parents need to handle siblingr rivalry..
    DD is 4 and DS is 1 but I see DD does everything to hurt DS, gets very jealous and doesnt play nicely with him.

    I want to understand how to handle such situations in a more calm way and say the right things... I feel I always seem to take the side of DS as he is little but that may not be the right thing for DD..

    Me-(35), DH(37), DD(4y1m) DS(13month)

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    All I can say is keep positively reinforcing any good interaction they have with each other, play up the "team family" idea, we are all in this together, we each have a special place in the family, etc. Lots of positive initiation from you can go a long way I think.

    Jealousy is tough, in the moment it is hard to deal with. Just maybe promoting how independent big sis, how much she can teach her little brother, how she can be his hero, protector, teacher, all those things. And how he can't do much right now because he is little but someday he will be able to do all the things she can and they will have so much fun together.

    Just repeating these things and patterns might help.

    So sorry you're going through this.

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    i make it a point to praise ds when he is being a good big brother and dd for when shes being a good little sister. when they are not getting along i separate them for a bit without placing blame on either one. (kind of like a time out but its not 'time out' just time away doing separate stuff.) my parents used to do the same thing, they would send us to our rooms and we were not allowed to even peek into the hallway to fight with each other. and i would have to say that it always worked to stop the fighting.

    with your children's ages you could have you older one go to her room to play and put the younger one in a pack-n-play or something where your older one can't easily access him. maybe put him in "timeout" first so she sees that he get in trouble when they aren't getting along?

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    We have the book A Pocket Full of Kisses, which deals with an older sibling being jealous of a younger sibling. It is a very sweet story. It would make a good bed time book, and maybe open up some discussion with your DD about her feelings.

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    Someone once suggested to me a parenting book called Siblings Without Rivalry. I have it but haven't read it yet.

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