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    Anyone use this? I have a friend that is trying to get me to use it, but I won't. To me it's a good idea, but there's too many risks. It's supposed to help you find people with children close to your childs age to talk to and stuff. To me it's something a pedophile would use to find children. Maybe I'm being paranoid?!?

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    i have never heard of it. is there a reason why it would less safe than a place like here, or a local facebook special interest b/s/t/meetup group?

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    It looks awesome to me! Since you'd be the one using it it's not like someone would be able to talk to your child without you knowing about it. You could meet people in a public place until you get to know them. It's just as much of a gamble as joining a playgroup that isn't based online.
    Unfortunately it's Android only!

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    I saw it for iphone when i was looking at it last night. I also think it looks pretty cool.

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    I don't do the play groups and stuff because I work evenings and most of my mom friends want to do things while I'm at work. I wasn't sure if anyone had any opinion on it or anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by runningmomofmany View Post
    I saw it for iphone when i was looking at it last night. I also think it looks pretty cool.
    Oh yeah! The link I found was for the android only but I see it on my iphone too. The iphone version only has 10 reviews though while the android one I found has hundreds. Maybe it is brand new on the iphone. Anyway, I'd try it out, especially if you're just chatting with people and not actually meeting anyone (that would be the scary part to me, lol)
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