Hi everyone! I had my anatomy scan today and everything measured fine. DH got to come, which was awesome!

There was a concern the High Risk OB had, however, and he wants to monitor me a little more closely. He wants to see me at 28 and 33 weeks, to get a measurement of the growth pattern of baby girl. The reason being that my DD1 was about ten days overdue and measured only 6lbs 2oz at birth.

He said that if there is an abnormal growth pattern and the baby is measuring especially small, it is advantageous for the baby to come early. I asked how she was measuring now and he said fine but it was too early to tell the growth pattern, and that 28 to 33 weeks was the fastest growth pattern and best time to measure how she would progress in growth to term.

At the time I couldn't think of any follow-up questions, but I remembered my DD1 was born with a short cord, and I forgot to mention that at the time so I will tell him that next time. And although I was not a small baby, there are small framed people on both my mom and dad's sides of the family. DH is not small framed nor does that run in his family. So I could share that with HROB too...

Anyone had experience with growth issues prenatally? Especially such issues causing the need for an early birth? I need to start researching here but not sure where to begin. I'm not concerned yet, just want to start gathering info so I know the right questions to start asking.