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Thread: I have a new niece due in a couple days.

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    Default I have a new niece due in a couple days.

    I am so excited, and just an itty bitty bit jealous I am so bummed that I won't be able to fly out early July to see her like I wanted....because of TTC myself. It has kind of been me and my sisters thing, when I had the trio she came out, when she had my niece Rowan I flew out to her, then when Jericho was born she flew out again. They are coming to see us in August, so at least I will still get to see her before she is walking, but it isn't the same Darn cysts...if I hadn't had to sit out this month I would be free to fly beginning of July.

    My sis texted me tonight and asked if I want her maternity clothes...she is getting tied after baby Lydia so she won't be needing them. She knows we are only trying once more, so she wasn't sure about offering them to me...but I'm glad she did. I am hoping so hard I have use of them.

    ~*~Katrina~*~ Momma to Xander, Hayden & Lily (6) and Jericho (3 1/2)

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    Congrats on your new family member's impending arrival! Bummer about having to break tradition, but yay for their August visit so that you'll still get to see a newborn Lydia. ;)
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    Awww, congrats on your new niece !

    Hoping and praying those maternity clothes will come in really handy this fall !!

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    Thanks guys, the support is really appreciated.

    ~*~Katrina~*~ Momma to Xander, Hayden & Lily (6) and Jericho (3 1/2)

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